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About Me

            The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my “approach” to counselling is inspiring and guiding change. And by change, I mean actual behaviour changes or just changes in the way folks think about themselves or a problem in their life. I want to be your compass so that you can find your own way. It can be really hard for some folks to open up and I’d like to try and make that just a little bit easier if I can. If you feel like you’re talking to someone you can trust and who can perhaps give you some useful tools, then I’m halfway there. After all, studies show that nearly 2/3 of treatment success depends on the client and quality of the relationship they have with their therapist (Beutler, 2014).

            I want you to feel like you’re the one driving the direction of therapy. I want you to feel like we’re working together as a team on the goals you want to achieve and what you’d like to work on. Meaningful client feedback is a major reason for positive change in treatment, less dropout rates and more sessions attended (Duncan, 2014). I’m merely the co-captain that can offer some tried and true therapy tools. Hopefully I can show you how much I value your opinion throughout our sessions. Your input and advice is going to guide me as far as what the next steps will look like. If it’s important to you then it’s important to me.

            I do my best to practice thoughtfully, with an open mind and really listen so that I can become better at helping you. I try and learn from my mistakes, aim to do better the next time and hopefully, with enough practice, make improvements. This is what is known as “deliberate” practice (Tracey, Wampold, Lichtenberg, & Goodyear, 2014) and that is how I approach my practice: in a mindful and dedicated way.

         My goal is to reach people that otherwise wouldn't or aren't able to access counselling services. Life's hard enough so let's make some things easier, right?

        Non-judgmental, down-to-earth, evidence based counselling services. I offer one-on-one and couple therapy sessions in your preferred mode of delivery (face-to-face, Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts, e-mail, text etc). Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

        I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and currently pursuing my Masters of Counselling Psychology at Athabasca University. 

        I want to hear your story and help give you the tools you need to get back to where you want to be. You've got this!

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